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Stepping stones to sustainability

We’re always working on ways to improve what we do. Our carbon footprint is one thing that we’re committed to reducing. We’re doing this in a number of ways from simple measures like banning plastic straws and reusing towels to installing low energy lighting and aerated taps. We’re part of the Wyndham Green Certification Program, as a Wyndham branded Resort, and are on a journey to make sustainability a key consideration in everything we do. Discover what we’ve been doing behind the scenes at Ramada Residences Costa del Sol so far to lower the carbon impact we have and play our part in protecting our planet for future generations…

Energy efficiency

As part of our goal to reduce carbon emissions we have installed LED bulbs across the Resort, including all guest rooms, to help lower energy consumption.

Reducing water use

Reducing water consumption is a particularly key priority for us in southern Spain: we have installed taps with push buttons, aerator taps and dual flush toilets to help.


We have a responsibility to generate as little waste to landfill as possible. That’s why we reuse or recycle and encourage our guests to do so too. We make it easy by providing colour-coded waste bags, made from recycled plastic, with clearly signposted recycling points dotted around the Resort.

Environmentally friendly

Our gardening team are a green-fingered and green-minded bunch. Not only do they compost grass trimmings and reuse for fertiliser but they water our beautiful gardens at twilight, the best time to maximise water penetration. They also use environmentally friendly insecticides and are always trialling new sustainable ways to look after our blooms.

Reducing single-use plastics

Phasing out single-use plastics is a key indicator that we are working to reduce our waste. Our restaurants and cafés only use paper straws and compostable and recyclable takeaway cups, containers, cutlery and bags.

Recycling toxic waste

To avoid toxic waste, we ensure items like batteries and light bulbs are recycled responsibly through a regulated company.

Clean air

Our air-conditioning units are regularly cleaned with specialist equipment to reduce potentially toxic substances and boost efficiency.

Swimming pools

We use saltwater in our pools as it is a more environmentally friendly option, requiring less cleaning and therefore less chemicals.

Promoting sustainability

Asking guests to reuse their towels before our housekeepers visit is a small but significant way we’re reducing water usage and energy consumption.

Recycled paper

Our toilet roll and hand towels are made from sustainable material.